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Adding a control to a form
To add controls just drag them from toolbox
The toolbox is project sensitive
Different controls appear for web, windows and smart devices

2 ways to add a control

  • click a control and drag it to the form where you want it
  • double-click the control and it appears in upper left corner of form and then drag it where you want it

The property window on the right lets you customize those controls

The controls in the toolbox are grouped. Click the + sign next to each group’s name to expand the group to show the controls it contains

  • Move your mouse over the label control in the toolbox and drag it onto the form
  • Label Control on a form

( a window in design mode is called a form)

  • Change the text property in the properties to “Hello World”

Label text property
The top of the properties window shows the object you are working with

  • Click the run button or press f5

visual basic run button

  • Close the window by clicking the close icon (X)

Close Form Icon

End Adding Controls