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Deploying .Net Applications
Deploying .net applications

  • Create a test project
  • Create a project that adds two numbers

add two numbers

  • Use this code for the button

lblResult.Text = CType(txtNum1.Text, Integer) + CType(txtNum2.Text, Integer)

  • Test it
  • Build it

create a development project
Create a Development Project

  • Click on the file menu
  • Select New Project

from menu: file new project

  • Under Other Project Types
    • Select Setup and deployment

setup project

  • Select Setup project
  • Call it Calculator Setup
  • Change the dropdownlist for solution to Add to Solution
  • Click Ok

calculator setup
application folder
File system designer on the left

  • Select calculator setup project

calculator setup

  • Go to the Properties Window
  • Change product name to “Calculator”

product name property

  • Right click on application folder
    • Add
    • Project Output

add project output


  • Select Primary output
  • Configuration=(active)
  • Ok

primary output
primary output from

  • Open Windows Explorer
  • Navigate to your project


  • Drill down to the release folder

Here are your installation files:
installer package
Run the setup.exe and your program gets installed
Test it
Now go to your control panel and uninstall it
An uninstall is created for you


It installs it under programFiles/None/Calculator
However it does not get installed to your desktop or start menu
You have to go into C:\programsFiles\None\Calculator
Here is my program, notice it has no icon

  • Select the Start button
  • Control Panel
  • Add/Remove program
  • Select your calculator

Visual Studio automatically gives you the ability to uninstall your program
deploying visual basic