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Now let’s make an installation project for this program

  • Double-click Primary output from WindowsApplication(or name of your project) in your setup project

calc setup

You can change the manufacturer property

  • Select the setup project name
  • Change the manufacturer property to something more appropriate

change the manufacturer

  • Click application folder on the left
  • Right click primary output

create shortcut to primary output from

  • Create shortcut for primary output for (name of project)
  • Change to “Shortcut to calculator”

shortcut to calculator


  • Drag and drop to user desktop folder

user's desktop

  • Select it and go to properties


  • Change icon by selecting Browse…

change icon

  • Click Browse again

browse icon

  • Select User’s Desktop from the dropdown and click Add File

add file

  • Select an ICO file

ico file

  • Press OK


  • Press OK again

Adds an iconname.ico file
icon name
modify properties
Modify Properties
In solution explorer

  • Right-click calculator setup project
    • Select View
    • Select User Interface

user interface

  • Select each section and you can change the properties in the properties window


  • Got back to File System and right click on primary output


  • create shortcut
  • call it calculator
  • go to User’s program menu
  • Add folder

add folder

  • Name it
  • Drag application folder calculator to user programs

application folder

  • Select an icon
  • Build
  • install

Now it installs to our start menu
And it installs on the desktop
burn to cd
Copy all files in the setup project and burn to a CD
setup files

Here are the files it installs:
install files