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The toolbox contains controls, tags and components you can add to your application

The toolbox is organized under different tabs
For a Windows Application application:

  • All Windows Forms
    • All the controls for Windows forms
  • Common Controls
    • All the standard form controls
  • Containers
    • Controls that hold other controls
  • Menu and toolbars
    • For adding menus and toolbars to an application
  • Data
    • Database related controls
  • Components
    • Other controls
  • Printing
    • Controls related to printing
  • Dialogs
    • Common dialogs for opening and closing files etc
  • Crystal Reports
    • Controls for reporting data
  • General
    • Custom items or controls you add to your project

Controlling how toolbox items are displayed:

  • List (default)
  • Buttons

To disable the list view, right-click the toolbox and uncheck the list view
1              Visual Basic Controls List View

Adding New Items to the toolbox:
Right-click blank part of toolbar and select Choose items…
toolbox choose items
Two main tabs:

  • .Net framework components
  • COM components

Choose the .Net components tab and click the browse button. After you add the component you want, click the checkbox next to that component and click OK
.Net framework components
Adding new tabs to the toolbox:
You can create your own custom tabs
 Right-click the toolbox and select Add Tab
‚ Enter a name for the tab

Removing a tab from the toolbar:
Right-click the tab in the toolbox and select delete tab

Modify Order of tabs:
Right click tab and select move up or move down
Solution Explorer
Solution Explorer:
Tool to manage files that make up your project
•   Solution explorer has all your projects and files
•   To open a file, double click it
•   To rename a file right-click it and choose from the menu
•   Right click on project name and add item, folder,
form, component etc
right-click new item add
•   Select Add new item

  • You can add a folder by right-clicking and select Add and New Folder
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