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Add New Dialog Box:
•  Select Template - Web Form
•  Give it a name
•  Click on Add
Installed Templates in Visual Studio
Remove items from project
Remove items from project:
•  Highlight it and delete on keyboard- erases the file. Click OK to confirm
•  Right click file and select delete
exclude from project
Exclude from Project:
•  Right click and exclude from project
•  This does not delete the actual file

xclude From Project
Open a file in code view
Open a File in Code View:
•  right click file in solution explorer and select
view code
•  or select code view button
Visual Studio Code View Button
open a file in design view
Open a File in Design View:
•  Double click file in solution explorer
•  or right-click and View Designer
•  or select design view button
View Designer button
refresh button
Refresh Button
refresh button in visual studio
show all files in visual studio
Show all files:
•  Some files have no designer mode
•  Show all files buttons – see ghosted files
Visual Studio Show All Files Button
You can then see the files created for you by Visual Studio
Be careful not to modify these files by hand

Under form1.vb you will see a form1.designer.vb
Double-click this file and you can see the hidden code Visual Studio uses to create a windows form
form1.designer.vb code
property window
Properties window:
property window
The properties window is used to set property values for controls and components you add to a page

You can use the drop down list at the top of the window to select an object

setting project properties
Setting project properties:
•  Select project within solution explorer
and properties show up in properties
•  Right click on projects title and select  
Windows start-up form
You can set which form will start up first, whether to use XP visual styles and more
tool options
Tools | Options (from the menu)
•  General
•  You can switch from a tabbed or MDI Window view
tabbed environment or MDI environment
tools options
Tools | Options
•  Environment
•  Fonts and Colors
•  Can change size and fonts of code
Visual Studio Fonts
text editor
Tools | Options
•  Text Editor
•  All Languages-or select a specific language
•  Can turn on or off line numbering
How to set line numbers in visual basic
the editor
The Editor
Button Contorl on Visual basic form
Shows only current OPEN document as a tab across the top of the main editor window

When the editor has more than one open document, tabs at the top of the editor let you select which one to jump to

Click the tab or hold down the CTRL key and press tab button
Then dialog box appears showing all open documents

An asterisk appears beside the file name when a change is made but not saved yet.
Design view is where the graphical User Interface GUI works

In design view you build a windows form by dragging and dropping elements from the toolbox
Code View
Code View
To get to the code view:

  1. Right-click on the form in the Solution Explorer or in Design View and select View Code from the menu.
  2. Click the View Code button in the Solution Explorer
  3. Double-Click an object in the form

When in code view most of the tools become inactive

•  In code view you can access any class by the first dropdown
•  You can reference any method and events from the second
Form load code

You can right-click a variable, function method or subroutine and navigate to its declaration by selecting go to definition
•  While typing code Visual Studio will add a pop up box when you click the dot
vb button text property

End of visual Studio introduction section 3