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Layout bar
Can be used to adjust positioning and spacing
visual studio layout bar
smart tags
Expose the control’s most common tasks
smart tags in visual studio
document outline window
Document Outline Window
document outline window from menu
From the menu: View – other windows – Document Outline

Graphically displays all the controls and containers
You can grab with the mouse and move them from one container to another

You can also delete them and add them
using the document outline window
To add right click control in toolbox
Paste it in document outline window
outline of user interface design
User Interface Design

  1. Make it simple
    1. Most important
    2. Make it user friendly
    3. Group related data and controls
    4. Use container controls to organize related controls
    5. Enable default values when possible
      1. Make it easy to override this value
  1. Logically Position Controls
    1. Location of controls reflect their importance
  2. Be Consistent
    1. Be consistent across forms
  3. Make it look good
    1. Do not cause eyestrain
    2. Make it easy to read
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