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Windows operates on message loops
The message loop sits and waits on something to happen
Then it fires event to proper window

Windows controls can generate many events

When you click a button, you fire an event

You write code to handle these events
Most Windows applications have more than one window
Many pop up dialog boxes
Others may have many windows

A window is called a form in design time and it is called a window in runtime
control, scrollable control, cointainer control, form
You start your project with a single form
Called form1 by default
Solution explorer has an item called myProject

  • Double click it

my project
Here you can set your startup form
This is the form that shows when you first start up
start up form
Use the text property to change the form’s title
Form1.text=”Text for the titlebar”

Boolean value whether this form will show in the taskbar

Has one of 3 values identifying if the window is minimized or maximized or not

  • Normal
  • Minimized
  • Maximized

Accept button
The button that will fire the click event when you press the Enter key

Cancel Button
The button that will be used to cancel

How your window will be positioned when it first starts

  • centerParent
  • centerScreen
  • manual-set it with the control’s location property
  • windowsDefaultLocation
  • WindowsDefaultBound- rarely used

Boolean value determining if the form will display a scrollbar if content is too big for it

Name you use to refer to your form
Each form has a default instance which you can access:
end windows 1