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IDE Proficiency
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Visual Studio is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
It is considered a Rapid Application Development(RAD) tool

It is the tool used to create various applications in .Net with any compatible language.
Introduction to Visual Studio
Start Page:
•   you can create a new project or open an existing
•   gives you access to community pages that are
downloaded dynamically
•   allows you to set up a profile and choose from
templates in different languages
•   if a new version is available it allows you to click a
hyperlink and get the latest version

start page for Visual Studio
Visual Studio types of projects
Type of Projects

  • ASP.Net Application Project
    • Files for creating an ASP.Net web site
  • Windows Application Project
    • Files for creating a desktop Windows application
  • ASP.Net Web Services Project
    • Files for creating an XML web service
  • Web Control Library Project
    • Files for creating custom ASP.Net web form controls
  • Class Library Project
    • Files for creating classes that can be shared across many projects

Understanding Solutions and Projects
Understanding solutions and projects:
Solutions contain one or more project
Projects collection of files

When you create a new project a new solution is automatically created unless one is already open.

Information about the solution is stored in 2 files

  • .sln
  • .suo

These files are stored in my documents under the Visual Studio projects directory.
Project Settings
Project Settings:

  • Click on the Tools menu
  • Select Options

Visual Studio Projects and Solutions

  • Click the plus sign by Projects and Solutions
  • Select General

You can choose where to save projects
If you check Save New Projects When created Visual Studio allows you to choose the location when you create the project
Create new project in Visual Studio
Create a new project:
Project is a collection of code files
When a project is created several files are created for you that has information about your project
holds the information about your project



 Click on new project button
new project button

‚ Or click on file | new | project
New Project menu item


ƒ view project dialog box
New Project Dialog Box

„ select Project Type (Visual Basic)
Select template (Windows Application)

Name the project
Select the location
Project Files
Project Files:
Visual Studio creates a project file for you
It will be stored in your MyDocuments folder unless you specify the location
project files in my documents
Here are my solution files:
Solution Files
Inside the folder is my project file:
Visual Basic Project File

Close a project
Closing a Project:
Close project by file
•  file | close –only closes 1 file
Close Project
Open a Visual Basic Project
Open a project:
4 ways to open project
1) Project tab has list of recent projects you used last time visual studio was open
2) Open project button on start page- must find your project on the start page
3) Click on file | open project
4) Click on file | recent projects

Double click files to open them
Closing a Solution
Closing a Solution:
•  Close solution closes everything
Close Solution Menu Item
End Intro to Visual basic